The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) announced the appointment of its new Council. The new Executive council members are President David Dennis, Vice President Peter Soqoilo, Treasurer Roger Townsend and Secretary Smiley Giobauta. Other Council members include Pamela Alamu, Hazel Hamutagi, Simon Ramoifai, Rhoda Meleu, Johnson Lobo, and Lester Soaika. Coopted member Peter Lokay.

Outgoing President Mr Smiley Giobauta said he was pleased with achievements from the outgoing Council but highlighted there remains some challenges that the new Council will need to address.

“I would like to thank the outgoing Council for their support and hard work during the year. We have secured our own new Secretariat and delivered a series of workshops in 2018 for our members. We also have a senior technical advisor tasked with implementing compliance with our Accountants Act including creation of the statutory committees and eventual international accreditation. The key challenge for ISIA remains identifying a new CEO and putting in credible sustainable leadership for the future”, he said.

Incoming President and former Vice President Mr David Dennis said “I’m really excited about what we have already in the pipeline for ISIA. Our focus will be on continuing building our secretariat including the CEO role. We also are looking at a website in the near future which will provide both our members and general public direct access to relevant information regarding our activities and development of the accounting profession as a whole.

“We look forward to engaging more proactively with our membership base and creating more learning opportunities for our members.” He said. “At our recent AGM we also passed resolution which requires all overseas accounting and auditing firms to share their skills with our local members. We notice quite a number of overseas firms flying in which are currently not members of ISIA and will be working closely with relevant authorities to seek more proactive engagement with our local accounting community.”

“We also will look to deliver the new rules and regulations during the course of this year and pathway for skills development for bookkeepers and more junior accountants in addition to ongoing CPA workshops in the future. Our focus will be for both private and public sector accountant’s development”.

“We are also grateful to the Government of Australia and CPA Australia for their ongoing support and look forward to progressing further our joint plans in 2019” Mr Dennis added.

The Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants was established under the Accountants Act 2010 and currently has 184 members. The Institute’s objects includes regulating and developing the practice of accountancy in Solomon Islands.

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