Establishment of the Council

  1. Council of the Institute is established under section 11 of the Act

Objects of the Council

  1. The Council of the Institute is responsible for the management and the control of the affairs of the Institute.

Powers and functions of the Council

  1. The management and the control of the affairs of the Institute are vested in the Council.
  2. In carrying out the objects, functions and powers of the Institute, the Council shall be responsible for the following –
    1. act as the executive body and governing arm of the Institute;
    2. perform the objects, functions and powers of the Institute conferred by the Act or any other written law; and
    3. carry out any direction or resolution which may be given or passed by the Institute at a meeting of members.

Adherence to good governance principles

  1. The Council shall perform its duties in accordance with best practice standards of good governance which recognises the principle of separation of oversight of Institute performance from that of day to day management of operations.
  2. In observing standards of good governance the Council shall adhere to the guidelines set out in Schedule 4.

Membership of the Council

  1. There shall be a President of the Institute and a Vice President of the Institute and other members of the Council all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the members of the Institute.
  2. On being elected, the President, Vice President and other members shall hold office for a term of one year and, subject to the rules in Schedule 5, are eligible for re-election at the expiry of such term.
  3. No person may be elected as the President, Vice President or other member of the Council unless the person is a member of the Institute and is of good financial standing within the Institute.
  4. The Council shall appoint ex officio the incumbent Auditor General and Accountant General as co-opted members of the Council and such co-opted members have the right to deliberate and vote on any matter before the Council.

Operation of the Council

The Council shall operate in accordance with the rules set out in Schedule 5.


MR. PETER LOKAY POSITION: PRESIDENT Peter Lokay is the current President for ISIA, a role he took up in 2021 after his predecessor resigned to take up the position of Auditor General. Peter is a former Auditor General himself and has been serving on the ISIA Council as a co-opted member during his term as the Auditor General. He was also a former Accountant General and held other senior positions in the public sector over the past 30 years. Currently, Peter is the Director Finance at the at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) To uphold ethical behavior and facilitate CPD in the profession.
MR. JOHNSON LOBO POSTION: VICE PRESIDENT Johnson Lobo is currently employed as the Internal Audit Manager of the Solomon Islands Port Authority (SIPA). He had been with the Office of the Auditor General for more than 10 years prior to taking up this position at SIPA, and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Accounting and Management and Public Administration from University of the South Pacific in 2012. He has served on the ISIA Council since 2019 and he has been a member of ISIA for the past 8 years. He is the current Vice President of the ISIA Council, a role he assumed in 2021, and also the Chair of the ISIA Education Sub-Committee. To actively contribute to achieve goals of ISIA by providing insight of public sector setting.                                                            
MR. ROGER M. TOWNSHEND POSTION: TREASURER Roger is the current Treasurer of the ISIA Council, a role he held since 2018 until now. He is a highly trained, result oriented accounting professional with over 27 years of experience in the field of accounting. He had held various managerial positions during his career before becoming a private practitioner in 2015 up to now. Roger has worked with the ISIA Council over the past 11 years, and was also a former President of the Council from 2015 to 2017 for three consecutive years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce with major in Accounting from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. To help the ISIA progress and contribute toward achieving Strategic Plan 2020-2025.
MRS. DELILAH HOMELO POSITION: SECRETARY Delilah is the current Secretary of the ISIA Council. She has previously served on the ISIA Council as a member in 2021. She is also the current Chairperson of the ISIA Standards Committee. Delilah has more than 8 years’ corporate financial management experience having previously worked as Manager Finance & CFO at ANZ Banking Group Ltd (Solomon Islands Branch) and Solomon Islands Electricity Authority trading as Solomon Power. Her area of expertise also extends to Retail Banking, Customer Services & software implementations. She is also passionate about the advancements of women into leadership roles. She is a graduate from the University of South Pacific, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree Single Major in Accounting & a minor in Information Systems. She has recently advanced to CPA status, CPA Australia. Delilah is currently the General Manager Customer Services & Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Solomon Power. I support the vision ISIA has in place to be an international standard professional accounting organization that provides leadership and builds trust in accounting, assurance, finance and business advisory professions in Solomon Islands.
MR. JOSEPH HUTA. POSITION: 5 COUNCIL MEMBER Joseph Huta is currently the Finance Manager of South Pacific Oil Limited. Graduated from James Cook University in Queensland with double majors in accounting and business finance. Have worked in the accounting and finance space for more than 10 years in the private industry. Currently a member of CMA Australia and associate member of CPA Australia. He was a former council member of ISIA from 2014 – 2018, twice as Treasurer of the Council. He was part of the committee that developed ISIA’s strategic 5-year plan in 2015. He was also a member of ISIA’s inaugural Standards Committee in 2020. He also served as Treasurer on the Board of SICCI in 2018. He still actively participates at Directors level in two of the organizations in which he currently serves. My vision is to advance the accounting fraternity in the Solomon Islands whereby accounting graduates go through the necessary technical training to prepare themselves for the challenges in their complex work environment. One thing Covid19 taught us is that we have to think and do things differently outside of our usual daily routines. Accounting graduates will have to be “accounting ready” to tackle complex issues in whatever shape and form – exciting times ahead..
MR. CLIFTON MARK POSITION: 6 COUNCIL MEMBER Clifton is currently the Finance Manager of Solomon Islands Ports Authority, a position he took up for over a year since started in June 2021. He had previously worked with Morris & Sojnocki Chartered Accountants as a professional accountant for about five years since graduating from university, then later worked for Solomon Telekom as a financial accountant for over a year. He had also worked for Solomon Water as a business analyst for a few months. Clifton graduated with a Bachelor of Business Analysis (Financial Analysis) from The University of Waikato, New Zealand in 2014. He had also awarded Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) designation status by professional accounting body CPA Australia in 2018. Passionate about the development of the accounting profession in Solomon Islands, particularly the Institute of Solomon Islands Accountants (ISIA) in ensuring that it achieves and excels in its Core Priorities and Objectives.
MS. LORETTA HEANA ROKE POSITION:7 COUNCIL POSITION Loretta from Isabel province graduated with Bachelor of Accounting University in Papua New Guinea. Loretta highly experiences in accounting services, Treasury and finance with local and International Organizations Including Solomon Power, Development Bank of Solomon Islands, Liberty holding ltd. New Zealand High Commission. She also had experiences in the professional sector in particular with external audits includes, Bank South Pacific, National Fisheries Development, South Pacific oil, Guadalcanal Plantation Ltd, Ysato Marine, Sasape Marine Ltd, South Pacific Oil Ltd, Solomon Islands Ports Authority. Ausaid funded Programs of Solomon Islands government, World Bank Funded programs in the Solomon Islands Government and other donor Funded programs. Solomon Islands Water Authority (World Bank Review project 2007), Eu Funded programs of the Solomon Islands government. To contribute to the Organizations vision to add value to all Accountants in a professional manner and its growth.
MRS. AMABELLE VITUALLA POSITION: 8 COUNCIL MEMBER Amabelle Hernandez Vitualla is a Filipino-Solomon Islands dual citizen. She is a Degree Holder of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, graduated on March 2000 in Columban College, Inc., Olongapo City, Philippines. She’s well skilled and trained in accounting profession for more than 23 years of experience. She is a sole-proprietor of local business “JPPR Accounting Services” registered in Solomon Islands, starting up with four clients. She joined the online course program with IPA & ISIA Professional Diploma of Accounting last July 2022. She is a Registered Bookkeeper of ISIA. To be an instrumental to unite all Filipinos and Solomon Islanders in the field of accounting profession towards one goal. The goal is for individual’s development to be well equipped; competent enough with high standard skill; and to be recognized as professional Accountants internationally.
MR. KEVIN MURRAY POSITION: 9 COUNCIL MEMBER Kevin is currently employed at Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) as an Internal Auditor. Has been with CBSI for the past 10 years, and has a Master of Professional Accounting Degree and Postgraduate in Forensic Accounting from the University of the South Pacific. To contribute in the Development of Accountancy Profession in Solomon Islands through ISIA.
MR. EMMANUEL GELA POSITION: 10 COUNCIL MEMBER Emmanuel is the current Finance Manager for the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CSBI), a role he occupied for the past 11 years. He is an Associate member of the Institute for over 10 years and looks forward to contributing to the development plans of the Institute. He has a Masters Degree in Accounting from the University Flinders, South Australia. To contribute to the development of accounting knowledge in Solomon Islands. Establish a technical knowledge progress and supportive structure.


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